Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Hello Apple!

Customer here… long time no see.

You probably don’t remember me, I think the last time we spoke was when you retired my favorite photography app, thanks for that. I think it’s worth your time to get to know me again.

It seems to me you’re a little lost with why I use you. You see, I’m not in any way interested in a touchable bar of random buttons. The fact that you think I am makes me wonder if  you know me at all.  I find myself wondering why a self-claimed student of design and usability such as yourself, would see it as a good choice to have a tiny screen of ever changing buttons as a valuable form of input for us(Pro users).

I’ll go into a bit more detail since you don’t seem to understand my work. You see, being a Pro user, I spend my days waltzing around my keyboard, and like any good dancer, trying my hardest to not look down. Now, don’t let me lose you here, this is the important part… having an input that requires me to look away from my screen and hunt and peck to input anything, is terrible usability, and is useless to the workflow of a Pro user.

So now you’re asking yourself, “Well who are you Pro users, and what do you want if it’s not a tiny little bar of unreliably placed, moving target buttons?”. Best question you’ve asked since retiring Aperture…

What would be useful is a device that keeps my eyes *on* my display. I’m just spit-balling here, but, one idea is a, hmm, ooh a touch display! And heck, while were at it, maybe add a stylus, kinda like your Pencil! You know who else would like that!? My buddy, he’s a designer(he’s also a Pro user in case you were wondering).  We’d both love the ability to interact directly with the thing that’s providing visuals, rather than interacting with yet another peripheral, especially with one who’s prime intent is to change, making it possibly the least adoptable input device ever created.

Thanks for listening, it’s been great catching up.  Maybe we’ll talk again soon, hopefully on better terms.

Your old friend,

Pro User